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HIANS Energy Solar for All Scheme (Buy solar and inverter packages with flexible payment plans)


1. What is HIANS Energy Solar for All Scheme?

The HIANS Energy Solar for All Scheme (HESAS) is an installment payment plan programme designed by HIANS Energy Solutions Limited to make possible acquisition of solar energy generating equipment with ease. The equipment includes inverters, deep cycle batteries, solar charge controllers, solar panels, etc at affordable cost. The programme enables qualified individuals and businesses to acquire solar power systems and pay in installment for up to six (6) months period.

2. How does the Scheme work

The HIANS Energy Solar for All Scheme enables you to apply for and purchase any solar energy packages of interest on an installment basis. Upon approval, the applicant is required to pay an initial deposit that could be as low as 35% of the Total Cost of the equipment. This total cost includes the cost of the components of the system, the cost for installation, the insurance premium for burglary and fire and cost for installation accessories. The balance is spread for up to 12-months depending on the package of choice.

3. Who’s eligible for HIANS Energy Solar for All Scheme?

The program is designed primarily for every working class, for individuals and for businesses. In particular, the following class of individuals and businesses would be considered eligible:

1. Employees in the Federal and State Government Civil Service

2. Employees of Federal & State Government Parastatals, Departments and Agencies.

4. Employees in the banking sector

5. Employees in the insurance industry

6. Employees in other multinational companies

7. High net-worth private corporate bodies and businesses

8. Employees in the organized private sector.

9. Cooperatives and Associations in any of the aforementioned organizations


4. Which packages are available on the HIANS Energy Solar for All Scheme?

The packages available are in various capacities and are all designed to be able to solve basic energy needs be it at home or in an office. Appliances like lightings, Fans, TVs, entertainment centres, Refrigerators, laptops, washing machines, printers, etc. See the solar packages section for details of available capacities of solar energy options.

5. Already have an Inverter and Batteries, can I integrate Solar?

Yes. For applicants who are already using Inverters and batteries (Backup power system), they can also take advantage of the programme through the solar integration packages available on the programme. By this integration existing inverter backup system becomes a solar power system. To appropriately determine the size of solar system needed for your backup system will depend on size of your battery bank and quantity of appliances you would need to generate power for. Contact us to get started.


6. How can I apply?

Application forms for HIANS Energy Solar for All Scheme (HESAS) can be downloaded free of charge on our website, click here to download the Application form. Application form can as well be picked up at our offices nationwide. Completed application form is to be submitted to our office address nearest to you. Your form would be reviewed within 3-working days and you will be contacted.


7. Why do I pay insurance?

The equipment under the HIANS Energy Solar for All Scheme are insured for fire and burglary to protect both the customer and the company against loss. The insurance policy is in favour of HIANS Energy for the duration of the installment payments only.


8. Do I need to sign an agreement?


You are required to sign an agreement that enables you to possess the package of interest after paying the 35% deposit (as the case may be) and ownership conferred completely after the last installment have been paid.

9. Any additional payment after installment plan to own package is completed?

No additional payment/fee is required once the installment is completed.

10. Can I pay less deposit at the point of acquisition?

No. The minimum deposit required is 35% (or more as the case may be). Prospective customers who may wish to pay above the minimum amount are encouraged to do so to their own benefit.

11. My energy requirements are minimal; can I pay for a smaller unit instead?

The scheme is meant to cater for all level of customers. Each request is evaluated and the appropriate installation design customized to effectively solve the power need of the customer. The customize solution could still be paid for by installment.


12. Does the scheme give warranty on product(s) purchased?

The HIANS Energy Solutions Limited offers manufacturers’ warranty of up to 2years on batteries, 2years on Inverters and 10years solar panels.

13. Do I need collateral?

No. You do not need any collateral. The equipment being deployed to your residence or office serves as collateral, pending when payment is completed and ownership transferred to you.

14. Do I need a guarantor?

Yes. Each applicant need to provide a guarantor who must be one of these: his/her employer, his/her banker, a Priest, town union president, cooperative union president, trade union president or a civil servant of the rank of Director. The guarantor must counter sign the Application form and also attach photocopy of valid means of identification. Click here to download the Guarantor's Form.



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