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Financing options


1. Outright Purchase

Here, the idea is to offer you one of the most pocket-friendly and cost effective solutions for purchasing solar solutions. Adopting this payment option means you will make a full payment with a view of attracting an ‘outright purchase discount’ of up to 5%.

2. Hire Purchase Ownership

We are partnering with institutions for the purpose of providing consumer credit to clients who require our services.   More so, cooperative societies take advantage of this financing option to pay off the cost of power systems for their members, with a plan of them making repayment over a longer period of time.

3. Pay While You Use

At HIANS Energy we understand that most persons that are willing to purchase solar solutions are usually the ones that are unable to pay for their solution at a go. So we devised the most innovative mode of payment for solar called Pay While You Use repayment plan. The idea is to match your weekly repayments for your solar system with your weekly savings on your supposed generator expense. It offers up to 70% finance, while you are required to pay only 30% upfront payments with no Interest charged. The beauty of the Pay While You Use scheme is that it is customized and fully tailored to your usage.

How does this work?

If you spend N2000 per day to fuel your generator for 5-8 hours/day, our advice will be to adopt a plan where you will use not more than 50% upfront cost of your daily fuel consumption as your down payment and the rest repayment is tailored to pay for your system (with up to a 24/7 supply) at the same rate of N2000 per day over a maximum period of 12 - 24 months as the case may be. The later depends on the loan balance. At the end of the repayment plan, the money you have used to pay for your solar system is the same money that would have gone in purchase of fuel for your generator. Once the repayments is completed, you now own your system fully and you can still saving N2000 per day which amounts to over N700,000 per annum which you can use to finance the purchase of your other needs or upgrade your solar system further for more power generation. This plan in itself is the cheapest way of going solar without breaking a sweat.


4. Payment for Power Used

This is a customized pay-as-you-go solar power rental system that will enable our end users particularly in the rural areas, the opportunity to rent power as they need or pay for a solar package over a longer period of time. Thus, they are only required to make an initial deposit to attract and enable a solar system installation for their homes and pay subsequently for the generated power per use. Payments are made weekly or bi-weekly, and its adoption is made simple with our pay-as-you-go metering system


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We are highly skilled professionals in solar and backup electricity solutions, which include solar energy and inverter backup power systems. We are experts in solar and electrical installations (for residential and businesses). Our expertise is also in Systems Installation Designs, Research & Development, and Consultancy.




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